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Mini "Emerald Dream"

Following my previous idea which was the #MiniBrickBeard and wanted to thank all those whom have given me support, i tried to expand the construction universe to something a little bit more challenging and with slightly more novelty

Elves has always been one of my favourite fantasy race with their verdant inspired designs and beautiful characters. As such, I thought to give it a shot by creating one miniature version of an Elven ship/boat; seeing that there really isn't any big elaborate designs out there yet for me to leverage on

As you can see, the "ship" or rather more like a rowboat is decked with plenty of greens and topped with a magical tree (with a treant face imprinted on top) that works as its mast/sail. And at the back of the "Emerald Dream", sits a nice little throne for the Elf Lord that governs this tiny boat. For the defense of this magical boat, 4 crossbows are within reach of the elven rowers while 4 shields dons the sides, ready to be picked up in combat! Oh, and did i mentioned the capacity is for 3?

Now whilst the elven rowers are directed by the Elf Lord from the back, the first elven rower also doubles as a navigation expert! Well, we all know elves are highly attuned to nature, undoubtedly they are fantastic with directions but it wouldn't hurt to be given some sort of a "aid" as well! Thus he is given a nice little map on a pedestal for easy viewing.. =)

Hope you guys like it!  and last but not least, more variety of miniature ships will be coming if your support keeps coming!

PS: By the way, i couldn't find the actual elf minifigs in so i had to make do with makeshifts! Sorry if the elf lord looks nothing like one... oh wells, let's just use our imaginations haha

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