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The Dalek Flagship


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In the year 2014, 27 planets -including earth have mysteriously disappeared from their locations. They have all been stolen and pulled to an unknown spot in a far off galaxy. But what awaits them is far worse. In the midst of all the chaos sits the Dalek Flagship -a giant saucer of immense size, the throne ship of the dalek emperor. the dalek master plan -to harness a force between the 27 stolen planets that could wipe out the entire universe. Only one man can stop them -The dalek's most feared enemy. Whirling around the universe for centuries through space and time, this mysterious man goes by only one name - The Doctor. Can he sneak aboard the dalek flagship, dodge the dalek lasers, reboot the main computer, reverse the weapons system, and escape before the ship explodes? Or will the daleks succeed in blowing up the universe? Only you can decide.


There are 8 minifigures included with the project -the Tenth Doctor, Davros, Donna Noble, Captain Jack Harkness, 3 normal daleks, and one Supreme Dalek. There is also a mini tardis and a small earth included for outside scale.


The model is, in it's entirety 1,528 bricks including minifigure parts. this model is a great candidate for a new lego set simply because it is so action packed and an opportunity for lots of great minifigures in the future. So, if you ever want to hold a newly unboxed Lego Dalek Flagship in your hands, then please hit that support button with all you've got!


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