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The Desert's Jewel

OH NO! Slither has found the first jewel! But with the help of their new friends Rachel and Victor, they'll be able to stop Slither from getting the first jewel.
This set will include a dune buggy, a motorcycle, a small campfire, and a shrine with the desert jewel of King XEL. The total pieces of this set is 77 bricks.

Rachel's motorcycle has t-pieces that will help the motorcycle stop and Victor's dune buggy has roof tiles on the back. They both have Hassassin braces but Rachel's weapons are like Shredder's and Victor's are similar to swords.
The shrine is small and holds the 1st jewel. With bearing bricks, rock crystals give it a look that it is in a desert terrain. It's colors are medium nougat, olive green, sand yellow, brick yellow, nougat, and transparent brown.