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Lego Roblox Work At The Pizza Place


Lego Roblox work at the pizza place

This model is a lego version of a popular kid's Roblox favourite game called 'work at the pizza place.' This is a game where you can choose a job and work , then you can get cool items from the shops and customize your very own house with furniture and other items. If you are polite and work a lot you might get an award from the manager.

I like that game called on Roblox and I decided that maybe I could make a game from Roblox in Lego! Roblox is basically bricks like Lego so I decided to make Lego Roblox. The place I have created is the Roblox game 'Work at the pizza place.' It features a kitchen , dining room , counters and a drive through. It includes four minifigures: a Roblox guest , two employees and the original Roblox character with green legs , blue t shirt and yellow flesh. Please support if you want Lego Roblox sets so Roblox will be not only a game but also something you can play with!

At the moment Roblox is just a popular multiplayer website and app where you can play fun games but wouldn't it be awesome if you could also play with it and build it , play it your own theme and customize people how you want? So Roblox would not only be a multiplayer game but also something you could play with at your home with your friends with Lego bricks and not only on that computer or tablet. This game will also improve your social skills about how you treat your customers at the pizza place and you won't just be on screens when you play it Please support for Lego Roblox sets! My next goal is to add the houses and the pizza delivery cars in next sets. 

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