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Grocery Shop


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This is a grocery shop.

This interesting set includes:

  • 3 minifigures (2 male shop workers and a female customer).
  • 4 animals (a white kitten, skunk, brown cat and a brown puppy).
  • grocery shop inside and outside scenes.
  • some foods (2 breakfast cereals, chocolate, 2 bottled drinks, 2 cartons of chocolate milk, 3 cartons of pure milk, 2 cartons of orange juice, 2 packets of rice, 2 soup cans, 3 soft drinks, canned drink, 2 cookies, 2 sushis, pizza, drumstick, crab, 2 fishes, pineapple, 2 red apples, green apple, grape, 2 bananas, 3 carrots, 2 breads, some candies and a donut).
  • some newspapers and some magazines.
  • a wall clock, warrant, cash register, paper money, coin and a cabinet with 2 drawers.
  • a candy machine.
  • some wooden boxes and some shelfs for selling goods.
  • a pink handbag (for the female customer) and a red hand truck (for a male shop worker).
  • a shop sign and an advertisement (for the grocery shop).

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