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Carcelona Adventure with Removeable Bubble Roof


Welcome to the build! This vehicle is a custom brand and custom model car, this is the Carcelona Adventure, the vehicle is 8 studs wide, 20 studs wide, 8 bricks high and is consisting of 175 pieces. The bubble roof, as it is called, is removeable, it is connected only by 2 studs on top of the windscreen. The vehicle is also capable of carrying 6 armless Mini-Figures and is indeed Mini-Fig-Scale. Currently, in my collection of LEGO, I could not make this vehicle, so I created the model on LEGO Digital Designer. The LDD Version is what the vehicle is supposed to look like as a full-on model. I hope you guys give my vehicle a chance, as this is my first submission ever, please support and like this, and I will possibly make more submissions!