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Hi Fellow LEGOers! With my larger model planet, "Ringed Planet with Moon", rolling off Lego Ideas in about two weeks and soon to be relegated to the "Expired" bin, I wanted to revisit the fantasy planet model idea, and improve upon it. So I have designed this new project, "Planet Model", that features the best of what the larger model offers with some improvements. I still feel like a fantasy planet model would do well with Lego builders, so I'm hoping that this version will get the supports!

This model is a medium-sized model. It only contains 451 bricks. I have presented two different possible color combinations: green with orange rings, and yellow with green rings--but there are many possible tile color combinations that would look attractive, and I will present those as updates. This model also features a very sturdy--but simple--SNOT construction, so I think it would be a wonderful set to introduce SNOT building techniques to younger builders. The centers of both the planet and moon are mostly hollow (save some structural components) with a six-sided panel construction, so the model has bulk, but is not heavy. I also physically build a rough test version of the connections, and they are sturdy. This is a model that gives a nice aesthetic result for a small amount of effort, and I think it's affordable for a large audience, so I think there is a good "bang for your buck" vibe going on with this one! The ring tilts on 2x2 turntables, and the moon is easily repositionable, so you can customize the look of your model!

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