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Dragon Drone D-77

The D-77 Drone Model is used as air support in tough aerial battles. Able to fly through the air quickly and nimbly, it is an agile foe. Equipped with a deadly EMP cannon to disable all electronic systems on contact, it can stop all mechs and other machinery in seconds. It also is deadly in close-quarters combat with a spiked tail and clawed wings. Its primary purpose is as a defense against other drones, mecha, and would-be attackers and it serves its purpose well.
The model:
* Is 14 inches from head to extended tail
* Has a wingspan of over 12 inches
* Features fully poseable legs, tail, head, and wings and the EMP cannon swivels 360 degrees.

Special thanks goes to GlenBricker and DIN0 who gave me thoughts and suggestions on the build. I also highly recommend you support Glen's Corellian Defender and his other projects.

Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated!

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The model is very poseable with a wide range of possible movements and poses. It can move its:
-head up/down and side to side
-feet up and down
-knees up and down
-base of the leg up/down and to the side
-wings up and down and the seven click joints can be moved around to form different wing shape
-tail side to side and up and down with ten different joints

While primarily air based, it is still deadly on the ground.

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