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Hermit's Cottage

Deep in the woods, the ground is covered with snow. You'll find a little hut owned by the hermit. Below the trees, whose leaves let no light pass, he lives his daily life.

This is my second submission on Lego Ideas, a little cottage in a very snowy forest. On the front, it has an entrance and a balcony. The roof is covered with snow, which gives it a cozy look from the outside. On the sides are small windows to look outside. I tried to make some decorations on the walls, so they wouldn't look too boring. On the inside is a table and a candle to eat and work.

I'm happy with the roof, which was a harder aspect of the building. I didn't have enough bricks to make it brown, like the rest of the building, but white is maybe better.

I'm sorry if the photos are unclear, I haven't edited them very well!

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