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Batman Battle on the Docks/Chemical Spill


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"I hope my design does it justice... that was a bat-pun."

This project doesn't just come with a Bat-boat, it comes with a dock also! I got inspiration from The Bat-boat from the Animated Series Bat-boat. The Bat-boat set has Batman, Killer Croc, a crook, and a police officer. Here is some of the details.
March 22nd, 10 supporters! Lets keep it coming everyone!
-The derrick on the deck can turn, and can hold the wooden barrels.
-The Bat-boat has four kryptonite missile's, there is also a compartment hidden under the computer which also has some kryptonite.
-Also the Bat-boat's cockpit and top are able to be opened. There also is a compartment where you can store Batman's batarangs, grapple gun, or anything you like. The Bat-boat can also, like the Animated Series Bat-boat, become a submarine!
-Killer Croc's tank has a large energy gun mounted, this can hold a mini-figure, and can rotate.

Milestone: 20 supporters, April 12, 2014! Great job everyone! Thank you all for supporting!

This is a look at the Bat-boat. The roof can be lifted up, and the windows moved to the side. This allows greater playability. And as I said, the design for the Bat-boat is based on the Animated Series Bat-boat. You may ask, why Kryptonite missiles? My answer, Batman is prepared for anything! : )

This is Killer Croc's tank. It has a turret which can be rotated, allowing for more destruction by Killer Croc. A police officer is fighting a fire with a fire hose which is attached to a fire hydrant. Killer Croc's tank also includes a place for the driver.

This is a look at the back of the Bat-boat with its windows and roof down. The Kryptonite missiles are flick fire. The chemical spill is visible by the Bat-boat, probably the works of Killer Croc...
The derrick seats one mini-figure. The roof can be removed for greater playability, the derrick can also rotate. The derrick's arm can hold a wooden barrel.

With this project you can create classic, and unforgettable battles!

The show the Animated Series is great, seriously though, it is well worth your time!
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Lets make this happen!

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