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House of Blacksmith


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The Forge - place of work.

    The Forge is a place where a Blacksmith spends most of his time. Department of craftsman should be close to home, because at any moment can come creative vein. This place becomes home for him and sometimes Smith would like to spend so much time in the forge, that a return to home is becoming difficult. Therefore, this set shows the house Blacksmith who worked for many years and he is a champion in his field, because his forge is next to the house!

Knowledge of Master Blacksmith.

    A true Artisan needs a Terminator, which passes all his knowledge. Young Apprentice trained from a very young age to be able to learn skills that gives him the Master of Blacksmiths. Set includes mini figures of the Master of Blacksmiths and Terminator.

The Stall - place of business.

    Craftsman products are sold at a nearby stall. A young Adept after work takes products to the market where he sells swords, armor and helmets for warriors and soldiers of the King. Set includes stall and one customer - The Guardian of the King.


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