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Reaper Leviathan Attack


In the future people are starting to colonize space. One ship called the Aurora, crashed on an unexplored planet. Only one person was able to escape from the crash in an escape pod. That person is the player of the game. Now it's up to them to find resources to colonize an ocean covered world. You must fight for humanity on this planet, but can you escape the icy cold clutches of the Reaper Leviathan?

This set has a few features. First off, the Reaper Leviathan can be put in any pose because each joint is able to move. Second off, the diver has his sea-glider with spinning rotors. Next, the Reaper Leviathan is able to grab and hold both the diver and his sea-glider. The cave is based off the area where the leviathan lives in the game. In the game the only way to kill the Reaper Leviathan is to stab it, but I added a launching boulder system to attack it as well as a knife. In the cave there is a box of accessories including: knife, diamonds, and a suit case. The items are in a box. If I could I would add a special piece of one of the smaller fish like a Peeper. This set comes with one diver from Subnautica.

I came up with this after playing Subnautica for the first time. I had swam towards the Reaper Leviathan's home, and boy did it scare me. I looked at it though and decided that I was going to build the Reaper Leviathan and something else from the game. At first I tried building the escape pod, but I didn't have enough curved, cone pieces. Then I got to thinking, "what if I built the sea-glider?" I worked on that for a bit, but it seemed like something was still missing. I played the game to see what I could be missing. In the Reaper Leviathan area, I noticed there is a cave with boulders right before you cross into it's territory, It had many resources inside, so I decided to build a smaller replica of the cave. Finally I had completed the set. I was told I should submit it as an idea, so I fixed it up a bit more and submitted it. I hope you like the idea!

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