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Mr. Brick Coffee Pot


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☕ Are you a coffee addict? ☕ Does the sight of a coffee pot soothe you? Then this LEGO set is for you! Introducing Mr. Brick. 🥁 Your own life-size LEGO coffee maker. Mr. Brick is available in 4 colors so you can pick the perfect one for you... or collect them all! 💙💚🖤💓

I have an employee that tells me that I just need to get an IV for my coffee and, well, he's not wrong. If you are like me or just like cute home decor, this set belongs in your home.

Each set comes with the bricks and instructions to build:
  1. a Coffee Pot
  2. a Removeable Filter
  3. a Coffee Maker

These four items are a total of 672 pieces. A quick, but fun, build! It also comes with 500 "water" round plates and 500 "coffee" round plates. In total it's a 1672-piece build. 🔵🟤

Thank you for your support in my dream to make a real LEGO! 😘💚✌

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