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Storm Tracker


Hello Lego Fans and the Lego Ideas team. Here is my idea called "Storm Tracker" This set comes with storm tracker official firefighter, a car, a satellite Dish and open key to hold the satellite dish , two orange lights inside the car, a yellow light on the top of the car a storm tracker laptop with a graph of local storms, a keyboard, a cell phone, and a walkie talkie. I built this today because i had nothing to do except to think what i can do next for my Lego ideas page and came up with this. This is easy to build and would be fun for everyone and acceptable for all ages. I made one already and i have fun with it and think everyone would like this idea also. So  remember to tell your friends that you voted on "Storm Tracker" and Thanks for your vote! Have a Great Day!P.S. Please be sure to check out my other ideas as well and thanks!

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