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Human Torch's Sub-Jet


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Hey guys this is my lego set. I call it The Human Torch's Sub-Jet. Imagine that there is an underwater situation and all the other superheroes are out on missions or grocery shopping and Human Torch is the only one left. Well in a scenario like that he can use his Sub-Jet! You can turn it's wings from Sub mode to Jet mode. There is a flick fire missile on each wing and there are stud shooters on each side. The back part are the jet engines which do have stickers on them. It comes with one figure which i know is basically Kai but for this set i'm using him as Human Torch but if this thing becomes a lego set then maybe the lego company can make a new Human Torch minifigure. The main image is a model from Lego Digital Designer and does not show the flick fire missiles or the stud shooters because I could not find the pieces for them but the additional pictures do show flick fire missiles and stud shooters. If you like this project please support this project and if you have a suggestion or a comment feel free to give your suggestions in the comments. In conclusion this is my idea for a lego set and I hope you have fun with your lego sets.

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