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Flower Power


Flower Power was created as a unique piece of wall decoration. I was inspired by my previous work. This consists not only of Lego projects, but also autonomous work.

For this wall decoration, I used a Lego base plate (32 x 32 studs) and many different loose stones. The work has a total size (length x width) of 34 at 34 studs. This amounts to about 27 centimeters. The depth is about 12 centimeters. You can open and close the flower.

Initially, I had another idea, but because I could only use Lego products I was forced to look further. I love challenges and was wondering if the construction of my second idea was strong enough. And guess what, it works!

People who love Lego, like to create. This wall decoration allows you to bring your own work of art home. You could even expand it with your own Lego collection and imagination.

This wall decoration is unique in its kind, because it is a work of art in itself. It's a bit different, no average painting on the wall. This wall decoration fits in every "Lego loving" household, but also in the office, for example.

Enjoy my Flower Power!

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