Saesee Tiin's Clone Warship & Speeder

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This is Saesee Tiin's Clone Warship & Speeder. It comes with Saesee Tiin, and two Clone Troopers. This is an update. The pictures are better quality this time. I also added some yellow for a main look.

This is the updated ship. There are flick missiles on both sides, a cover on the back of the ship (which you will see later), two boost thrusters and exhaust grilles. In the cockpit there are controls and a place to put Saesee Tiin's lightsaber. There is also a little bit of detail.

This is the clones' speeder. There are flick missiles, a small cockpit for the space of one clone, and a turret that seats another clone. It can turn 360 degrees. There are exhaust pipes under the turret. There is also the republic symbol on the back of the speeder.

These are the backs of the ship and the speeder. On the back of the ship is the cover, two exhaust grilles, a railing, and the boosters. On the back of the speeder are two motor engines, the symbol, the back of the turret, orange and blue boosters, and a clear brick to make them look like they are hovering above the ground.

Here are the two clones, and Saesee Tiin. The clones have sun visors on their helmets, and each have a blaster with an extension. Saesee Tiin has traditional jedi robes and wields a green lightsaber.