Product Idea

Indiana Jones Triangle

This model features 3 well-detailed vignettes for three Indiana Jones movies, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first movie.
1. The Well of Souls - Raiders of the Lost Ark
This model includes 2 statues, the "lost ark" and thorns on the ground, and two pillars and some signs, to make it look more ancient.
2. The Temple of the Crystal Skull
This model includes the crystal skull, the temple, and the statue, which are all featured in the movie. The model has a green background to show the foresty-ness of the scene.
3. The Temple of Doom
This model includes the two scary statues, the flames, and the lava crack. It also includes the "blade" that sits next to the statue.

This model sits on a sleek and cool stand, which is square, but the models are separated by a wall that goes three ways, and the model is topped off with a disk.
I built this model to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Indiana Jones, and I believe this would make a great set because it is cool, sleek, and small.

All that is missing from this model is your support! So hit that support button up there!