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That's How It Works


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Here I introduce you to my latest creation: That's How It Works!

The concept is recreated in LEGO three vintage/retro desk accessories and see how they work. These objects are a pencil sharpener, a clock and a radio. The fun part of the build is that these accessories are actually run by LEGO minifigures working on the inside.
The objects will look like great retro display pieces, but they can be opened to show the "working mechanism". THAT'S HOW IT WORKS!

The set counts roughly 1500 parts and includes 8 minifigures.
The pencil sharpener is worked by a lumberjack, and it has as a working drawer.
The retro clock is hiding a painter working around the clock, pun intended.
The vintage radio is played by six musicians, trained to play all different genres.

If the project will be successful, I already have in mind a couple of cool modifications and maybe some additional accessories, stay tuned for updates along the way!

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