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The Rainhill Trials


The Rainhill Trials of 1829, was a pivotal moment in the golden age of industrialization. With steam finally being harnessed for its potential in the mines and quarries, many were looking to harness this power for the purpose of moving goods, as well as people. To levy the monopoly seen in the canal systems of the time, the people of Liverpool and Manchester came together to build the first, fully operational steam railway that would fittingly come to be known as "The Liverpool and Manchester Railway."

Up until this time however, it seemed there hadn't been a proper locomotive design produced that could function in the efficient way that was required for these tasks. Many still believed that using horses for motive power was the best possible option. Remember, most individuals thought your head would explode at a certain ground speed, or that the engines were prone to scaring livestock and blowing up.

A builders contract would be awarded to whomever completed the trials in the best manner. 

Now is your chance to bring the Rainhill trials to life! 

This Set includes: 

-Rocket : The Winner of the Trials

-Novelty: Lightweight Contender

-San Pareil : Heavyweight Contender

-Various Victorian era Minifigures including three engineers, and onlookers. (limited LDD Designs for women, i figure this could be fun due to the fun style of womens attire at this time

-Rainhill Tunnel Portal


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