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Express Car Wash

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Imagine the following: you are about to go to an important dinner, and you are running short on time. Your boss will be there, and is expecting you to make a good impression on everyone there. You know that your dirty car will be seen by everyone attending the dinner, too. So what do you do? You pay a visit to the Express Car Wash.

Featuring top of the line wash equipment, 9 vacuum spaces, and the capability of washing cars in just 3 minutes, this car wash, simply put, is the ultimate LEGO car care facility.

Included in the set would be 2 pay station terminals, a modern 96-stud long building, 3 individual 32x32 base plates complete with tiles to create a 80-stud-long conveyor (NOTE: does not actually move cars) and road paint lines, 10 vacuum booms, and a complete 80-stud-long equipment package, loaded with extras to make the car wash more fun for everyone.

Many unique features  would be included with the Express Car Wash. Among these are the Lava Foam applicator, a tri-color foam system, a hot wax applicator, tracking wheel blasters that rely just on simple physics, a tire shine system, and the exclusive Buff'n'Dry machine. More generally though, the included equipment is far more than anything else around. You can be reassured that every component used, from the brushes to the vacuums, are based on real car wash components.

A clean, dry, and shiny car is always a guarantee at the Express Car Wash!

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