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Airbus A320 Neo


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This is my custom A320 Neo. Hello, I am WinnerToTheBuilder, and I built this model because I noticed that most of LEGO's planes are just large molds that are pieced together, and while that's perfectly fine I wanted something that would spark the builders creativity. So I made the A320 Neo. Naturally, most planes are just pencils with wings. There's nothing wrong with that either, but, I wanted something a tad more interesting than that. So I added my own artistic design to this model. With a sleek but detailed fuslage, functioning flaps, and a strong, sturdy structure you can do anything with it. A nice fact about this model is that it is a simple and satisfying build. Allowing nearly anyone to build it. This model took one month to make, refine, and detail, so I hope you like it! Overall, this is a sturdy, well made build with almost every feature you could possibly want.

Please consider supporting this build and comment what you favorite part of it is.

Thanks! WinnerToTheBuilder

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