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Where the Wild Things Are


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Join Max in the world of the Wild Things. With his award winning book written in 1964, Maurice Sendak used his magic, both in storytelling and illustration, to inspire children with his inventiveness and imagination.

Max is sent to his room without supper after making mischief. He created a world with the forest all around and sailed to where the wild things are. After taming these terrible wild things with his magic trick he became the most wild one of all. King of all wild things. Wild rumpus ensues until they tire out, and Max misses those who love him. The wild things want him to stay but he says no and sails back to his room, where his supper is waiting for him.

My objective was to replicate the simplicity of Max's room and the absolute wildness of his imagination. There is water outside his door for him to set sail and the scale of the trees increases through the land which is covered in flora and a small path.The window and doors are made from vintage Lego (circa 1980).

Set Includes: Max's room. The land of the wild things. Max's private boat. 3 mini figs (Max + 2 Wild Things)

Approximately 350 pieces.

Set measures 10" wide and 4.5" tall.

Updates may include: Improved Wild Things and potentially a 3rd, Improved wolf head for Max (made from clay)

This set is dedicated to Louie. I could eat him up I love him so.

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