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Room Accessories: Secret Storage


My Latest Project! Secret Storage to keep in your bookshelves!

Hey everyone! TwoKittens here, back with another project! It's been a while since my other projects expired, and I've completely forgot about Lego Ideas. Anyway, here is my new project, Secret Storage. My inspiration? A book. This idea features:

  • Two Lego books with secret storage. The front cover pops off!
  • One green book with an "F" on the cover
  • One book with an "Old Fashioned look"

Is anyone getting on your nerves because you have no reading material? Or you just need somewhere to hide your candy or phone? This is guaranteed to solve those problems. These disguised books will make your shelves look like their full of books!

(I apologize for the look of my project. I have no clue how to use renders, and if anybody has a render they find works for them, please mention it in the chat. Thanks!)

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Happy Building,


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