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Town House


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My set is an elegant two-storey, black and beige house. It has a covered front porch, tall windows and a unique sloping roof. Inside there is a living room and dining room area and upstairs is a bedroom. It has an open feel and the interior is easily accessible.  Included with the set is a minifigure and a cat, as well as furniture and decorative objects.
I have always had a special fondness for Lego houses and have been designing and building Lego houses for years. To come with up the design for this house, I studied the houses in my neighborhood and picked out elements that appealed to me, such as the front windows and exterior colors.
I think this would make a great Lego set because many people, like me, appreciate the architecture of Lego buildings and want to create city and street scenes. While this house is unique and elegant, it is of a smaller size and contains less than 500 pieces so it would be affordable and suitable for a range of Lego builders.

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