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Samo: River Mountain, Elf Castle


The River Mountain elf castle is a highlight of the world of Lato. In River Mountain Samo and Hiccup looked for Samo’s brother Nico. They did not find Nico, but they did make new friends, Elas and Halagon (The prince and princess.) Samo and Hiccup stayed in River Mountain for several weeks. They made many friends in River Mountain, including the King of River Mountain.


I was thinking about what Lego Samo set and I remembered the elf castle from the first book. I made the set have 2 bed rooms, throne room/ great hall, prison, and library. The two towers are a watch tower and an armory. The minifigures are Samo, Hiccup, Elas, Halagon, 2 elf guards, elf archer, the King of River Mountain, captured Rock Mountain elf.

(Samo is my own book.)

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