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Mesoamerican Pyramid


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Dive deep into the jungle, on winding paths, fight your way through the unfathomable thicket, past rushing waterfalls and exotic poison dart frogs. Here you will discover the magnificent and colorful step pyramid with the gigantic stone mask at the top, guarded by scorpions, spiders and snakes. All kinds of creatures cavort among the green vines. And here at the mighty pyramid is also where villagers and warriors meet or measure their strength at the traditional ball game Tlachtli. If you make it and escape the ingenious trap at the entrance, dark secrets, fascinating masks and immeasurable treasures await you inside, to be discovered in all their loving detail.

But beware! You are not alone in targeting this magical place. Almost unnoticed, visitors from a distant galaxy have set out to explore the wonders of this site. What do they hope to find here?

Are you ready for the adventures that await us here?


This model offers in its center a step pyramid as an important part of the Mesoamerican architecture. Also, there is a playing field for the popular Mesoamerican ball game Tlachtli and a water source located in the jungle. Although not historically accurate, the model attempts to depict the key elements of the Mesoamerican culture and finally adds an unknown flying object and some alien equipment as a twist.

Exciting building techniques and many details, such as a triggerable arrow trap, removable floors and walls, hidden passages and a swooshable flying saucer offer a great building and playing experience.

The pyramid is about 28 centimeters high and is built together with the playground and the waterfall from about 2800 parts. The five accompanying figures represent 3 warriors and 2 villagers. The model is built from all sides and is therefore ideal as a display piece, as well as through the numerous functions as a play set.

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