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Fort Me'nington, Medieval Barracks and Pub

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Welcome to Fort Me'nington, a Bristling Barracks (and Pub) for the medieval soldiers traveling to the east to battle the goblin hordes. on the edge of goblin territory, conflict is inevitable...


Hi, 2gherkins here, ready o introduce my first project: a fantasy medieval castle based on a real-life german castle I saw on the internet. it includes really cool expired pieces that I hope lego will bring back, as well as eight minifigures ranging from turbaned archers to fantastic princesses, Fort Me'nington has something for all of us. It has a pig pen, bar & tables, as well as a barracks above with bunk beds were the key ingredient is droid arms (who knew?), not to mention five animals, including a cat, dog, two pigs and an owl. 1,288 bricks and a market price probably around 129.99. I hope you enjoy this fully featured lego set-like LDD model!

These are the eight minifigures mentioned above, three girls, four boys and one goblin (short legs). These figures are loaded with nice parts that are only available from certain sets. In the back ground is a pig. In the back row from left to right there is: Artemis the Seargant, Claraeleus the soldier, Thomas the peasant, Po the archer (next row down) Hammond the traveler, Maria the Princess, Alys the Bartender, and Gopoo the Goblin .

The actual Barracks are on top. It includes seven bunk beds (one is out of sight). If you look closely, you can see the design of the bunk bed. Leave a comment on the bunk beds above. On the right-hand side is an owl in its nest, also, there is a cat in front of the couch (also my own design, as is the chair). The fireplace is red brick, and the chimney sticks out the top of the out-folding roof, which folds for added play. The ladder goes down to the ground floor, or pub.

Ground floor, not the best pic: swinging door reveals barrell with axe and beer bottle with cork: model includes three beer bottles with cork. The ladders lead up to stands were the two archers can stand, there are holes for them to fire through on the other side. On the left there is the pig sty with the green flag, the kings flag. Food includes baguette, carrot, and drumstick. Blending in with the bar (that has gold coins on it) is a dog.

Here is a full shot of the castle wall folding open for extreme play inside, the same way the roof opens.


~ Hey, I'm doing a pole! Now that the final thirteen fantastic episodes of The Clone Wars: Season 6 are out, I wan't to honor David Filoni,c George Lucas and the others who made the best Saturday morning cartoon ever! Vote for which you would like to see a set. If you are clueless, just ask.

A - Separatist Frigate (almost every episode)

B - Crystal Hunt (season five episode six)

C - Jedi Courtyard (season six episode eleven)

D - Marketplace Chase (season five episode nine)

E - Mandalor Fallen (if you haven't seen the final mandalore episode, you haven't lived)


Please, I would love if every supporter left a comment, and even if you don't support tell me what you think. Constructive criticism welcome!

I really hope that you want this to become a lego set just as much as me!
Please support, comment (constructive criticism welcome).
Thanks for looking at this set!

P.S., Comment if you are the first supporter and I will personally support all your own projects.

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