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Wood Bird Feeder

As protecting our nature is very important in order to maintain the healthy ecosystem as protecting and feeding our animals too. The house sparrow is native to most of Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, and a large part of Asia. Since I was child I love animals, also the birds. I was thinking to create a natural related set by LEGO bricks, so I decided to make a wooden built bird feeder house.

My set consists of the wooden built bird feeder house, also two lovely brown house sparrow birds. The feeder has two opened windows. The roof of the house can be opened, so its easy to place the seeds for the birds. The base of the house is very strong and is possible to hanged or tied up with string through the four corner of the base, where the house is built on.

The walls of the feeder house has a lot of wooden log, since I wanted to make something very natural and more realistic and not only using standard bricks to make the wall. The wooden logs can be connected to each other by technic pins.

I considered that it is not only a very impressive set, but it also related to the nature and animals.

The set has 1519 bricks in total.

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