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Hero Factory: Hunter and Hound

You'd probably recognize these figures from my earlier set, Hero Factory Finale

But who are these guys? Well, I'm about to tell you.

Garth Hunter was an experimental Hero made by Hero Factory, designed to have the ability to cloak, go stealth, as well as be more agile than a Raw-Jaw from Quatros. He was also given the ability to speak to animals, like the legendary Breeze, but he prefers deactivating over talking.

On his first mission, Hunter was sent to hunt down a psychotic telepath. During the battle, the criminal attempted to take over his mind. Hunter won the fight, but not without loosing most of his sanity. When his second mission went out of control, Hero Factory gave him a companion to keep him in check.

Hound is another experimental Hero that was made specifically for Hunter. Based off of a wolf, Hound is unable to speak the common tongue, but can understand what they say. He is also able to speak to all creatures. This works nicely, because Hunter and Hound can have their own private conversation, without others knowing what they're discussing. Hound also keeps Hunter in check, acknowledging that Hunter is the leader, but stopping him whenever he gets out of control and starts shooting everywhere.

After thirty-six missions together, Hound and Hunter are called back to Mackuhero city to hunt down all the brains that remained. Already, Hound has needed to stop Hunter from killing the creature the brain was controlling, but as of yet Hunter has gone no further into insanity.

Hunter is armed with a crystal gun, and carries eighteen small throwing knives on his shoulders. His helmet carries a camera, microphone, and heat sensors. Hound is equipped with a taser at the end of his tail, eight razor sharp claws, wolf sense of smell, bat's sense of hearing, and the eyes of an eagle.

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