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Abnormal Trinkets & Antiques

I've always been a fan of mysteries and magic, which is why I thought I'd build an original MOC based on an original story.

The shop clerk is a middle aged woman who goes by the name Marissa Shackleton. The catch is, she's secretly a witch. Her workshop is on the upper levels of the MOC, where she practices magic, and does potions research at night. During the day, she manages her store, making sales as tourists come by to visit. 

You'd notice that her shop features a mansion type of roof  - that is because Marissa renovated her old family mansion into a shop, where she sells trinkets and antiques that are far more valuable than they seem.

People admire the architecture of her shop - it does make for a nice tourist attraction. Little do they know about the dark secrets and mysteries that it withholds.

This is my first large LEGO project, consisting of over 1,000 bricks. It took a couple of weeks to come up with the concept, a few more to design it and of course... months to get it physically built.

If you'd like to see this made into an official LEGO set, please feel free to support it! It would mean a lot. Thanks for stopping by!

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