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Cinderella Crystal Shoe



One day we were planning to visit Disney park in Paris, and my daughter ask me to go dressed as Cinderella. Once she was dressed up I saw her looking herself in the mirror and whispering I wish I have a crystal shoe as Cinderella. Later on, visiting the LEGO shop at the park I tried to look if there was something like that available, but instead of that, I found a lot of crystal like pieces and I though: What if I do the shoe myself… And in the photo you can see the results.

The first photo shows the shoe finished, in the second one you can see a photo with a nicer background and some light effects added. 

It has to be noted that I toked and treated the photos. They correspond to the real model made by me. 

My daughter loved it and since then it is in the showcase at her room with all her other LEGO sets.

I think that a lot of little kids canbe really happy having a little piece of “magic”

I hope you like my project and you support it.

Many thanks!

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