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Roman Colosseum


Thanks as always for the view, drop me a link if you have a project you would like me to check out, and if you have time check out my other projects. 

This set is two thousnad nine hundred and ninety nine pieces and it consists of two ships, EIGHTY FIVE mini figures (fifty five) in crowd and thirty gladiators on both base plates. 

This set has been completely re-designed, or atleast the ships are now three times smaller in the naval scene or more to proper scale, via my new battle ram scorpion trireme design. Small and compact just the way most Lego builders like it. I didn't change a single thing about the colosseum itself. In theory you could place as many as four ships inside the naval arena now, even though this set comes with just the red and yellow battle ram triremes. Each ship holds four minifigures on the inside, and the roofs have a flip open hinged hatch for easy access to the figures. The set contains thirty mini figures on the two base plates, via eight in the naval scene (four each ship) and twenty two on the land battle scene, which is the Persian Immortals (ten) versus the Romans (twelve) and their deadly turtle shell formation.

Note, no Lego animals or gladiators were injured in any way in the reconstruction of this piece of antiquity. Everything was done in reinactment fashion all the way back in eighty five A.D.. Just five years into the existance of this amazing piece of Roman history. The peek of its existance. Note the Roman numeral LXXXV (eighty five) in tyrian royal purple in front of the emperial box, which is ofcourse is eighty five in Roman numerals. Or the year this amazing naval battle once took place. As we now know for a fact atleast once in eighty five A.D., they flooded the colosseum to recreate certain naval conflicts from history.

So I ask you to use your imagination and go back almost two thousand years ago, when the world was still very young. Imagine setting in the crowd, as the sound of the trumpets fill the air, as all the laughter and cheers all awaiting in great anticipation for the show to come. 

In closing I think the playable features are very obvious with this set, as is the display factor. The possibilities are endless to what could be added to this diorma.

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