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Ocean Research Center

The ocean is fascinating and mysterious. People are still exploring the depths of the sea.

So i came up with the idea for this Lego set. Play and fun combined with nature and research. With this set you dive with Lego in new adventures and discoveries.

In my eyes a great play set for children and adults. The building consists of 1930 Lego bricks. The Ocean Research Center is build on a cliff next to a beatiful beach. In teh buildung you will find three sectors.

The cave: The development department is located in this sector. There are two engineers working on a new research submarine. They are installing a new camera at the moment. The submarine can secretly leave the cave for missions.

The entrance: There is a nice employee waiting for the visitors. On a couch the visitors can wait until someone pick them up. You can only get to the cave or the lab with a keycard and a password. You can also get to the jetty with the little reserach boat.

The lab: There are the scientist work on the latest data and found things from the ocean. They can observe the sea creatures in the aquarium. There are also binoculars on the balcony for watching the sea.

The beach: Two tourists bathe on the beach. The diver and his friend prepare the boat for a new research mission.

The set should have in my eyes a various animals from the sea. There are also figures, the boat and the submarine to play.

The construction is similar to that of Lego building technics and buildings. Each sector is playable and removable. I wanted to represent a modern but simple building. With some surprises in it. Children and adults are always curious and love to discover a lot of new things. With this set i wanted to create the opportunity to discover the sea.

I hope you like my set ideas. A combination of play, research and the joy in the children's room.

Thanks for your feedback.

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