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Curling Rink


Curling Rink


  • Curling is a winter sport that is played world wide and has been contested in the olympic games as a medal sport for both mens and ladies since 1998.
  • Mens Curling world championship has been recognized since 1959 and over the following years there was added Ladies championships as well as junior championships for Mens and Ladies.


  • This is a curling match between two teams on a minifig scale rink.
  • Contains two teams of four figures each with curling stones and brooms.
  • Simple design for rink with two sets of rings, center and hog lines, hacks and a push stick to guide your curler when throwing their rock.
  • Plates located on sides of rink for players to stand when they are not curling.
  • Studs located on ice surface for sweepers to stand while awaiting the arrival of the rock being played.
  • Technic base for stability of rink.

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