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Adventurers: The Abandoned Temple


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Bring back the old with Johnny Thunder and Dr. Kilroy! This idea is a secret temple with a bridge in the middle.

This temple is separated into two parts because there is a rapid river in the middle. The bridge goes over that. Below the temple, on the left side, there is an apple tree with wild strawberry vines growing around the tree. On the left side of the temple, there is an idol with a pumpkin head and a pharoh headdress with gold and a golden plate being offered to it. On the right side of the temple there is a serpent idol with a golden cup on the wall being offered to it. My favorite part of this build is the bridge. In the comments, you can say what you thought was your favorite part. If we get lots of supporters, I might turn it into a game. If you don't like that idea, then please comment and you can say your opinion.😃

If you want this idea to become a set, please support it so maybe one day you could have it!😃👑⛏🤠🛕⛩

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