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Ninjago: Rebooted 2- Cole's New Mech


New Concept- An Idea for a live-action Ninjago Movie

Like the Star Wars series, this idea has 3 original movies (Rebooted, Anacondrai, Ghosts), 3 prequels (Skeletons, Snakes, Stones) and 3 sequels (Nadakhan, Day of the Departed, Vermillions) and it starts with Rebooted. So, this is one of the 10 ideas of the made-up movie "Ninjago".

The Set Itself

The set is a re-designed version of Cole's Mech. It includes Cole (live-action Rebooted) and a Nindroid. It has 102 pieces. It can fit Cole inside and there are 2 weapons (Cole's techno-blade and a sword).

This is Death Gordon, signing off!