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Brickwood Forest Castle


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Welcome to Brickwood Forest Castle! The secret garrison deep in the Brickwood Forest comes prepared for anything. It has a high curtain wall and three towers. The only way into the castle is by the large and imposing gatehouse that is heavily guarded and fortified by a drawbridge and portcullis! The keep has three floors above ground and one below. The first floor gives access to the dungeon and barracks, the second floor houses the armory, and the third floor has the king’s private quarters.


I had to resubmitted this project because it had too many pieces. I have fixed it so that it only has about 2500 bricks now. Thank you for checking out the Brickwood Forest Castle. If you like what you see make sure to support it for more awesome castles! Don't forget to follow and most importantly share this project as well!


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