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Lego Doctor Who, Sonic Screwdriver


Hi everyone. This project was one of my favorites to create. After the 50th anniversary of the show Doctor Who, I created this Lego model of the 11th and 12th doctor's sonic screwdriver. The project was fairly easy to build, and only got tricky at the top, but all of the pieces used are entirely Lego. It is around 50 or so pieces and is 8 or 9 inches long. It is durable, and it has good playability, but you could also use it for display.  

Some things that may change:

* a few of the 1x2 tiles may change because they weren't light gray, which is the desired color for the model.

Please support this project so it can reach 10,000 supporters and become an official Lego ideas product.

I did use LDD to create the model using all of the correct bricks, and it turned out excellent. However, just wanted you to know, I did actually build a LEGO model.

Happy building!

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