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Lantern with Candle Collection


A Final Update

Yep, this picture above is the final update. These two, the 40x40 and 36x36, are the final lanterns that will make my project a total of ten lanterns. The grand total of this collection is 1933 blocks. As I write this update, I feel a lot of distress because I am leaving this project alone for the remainder of its time period. However, it is not all bad. I will be checking once in a while to see if there are new comments and new supporters. I will comment with upcoming new comments.

To note all of you, all my updates still apply to all the lanterns, such as stacking, battery-powered candles, etc.

Thank you for reading my last update.

  • DJD


Another Project In Mind

I am thinking of another project if this one does not go well. I feel that I made an obscure for some people's interest of lanterns (and for some Lego fans who just want it nonetheless). Therefore, there will be another project coming along when the days are half left, even though this project has ample of time before it expires. Hopefully, this future project will have more supporters. Even though this project is obscure, at least I made an effort to share this project to the world. That is good enough for me. I will continue to make updates. Thank you for reading. DJD


An Alternative Way Update

"What is this picture and this update?" This picture (and update) is an alternate way to use the lanterns. I thought about this because you might not have enough room in your house or you would want to put something other than on one of your furniture.

"So, where should I put this if I use this alternative?" Put it where you have an open space, where it would be a corner or next to your other lanterns.

"I do not see the tops of most lanterns. Where are they?" They are still in with the original blueprints of this project. The tops of most lanterns can be used wherever and whenever you choose. You want lanterns? Use the tops. You do not? Well, feel free to use the tops for something else as extras or with your own creation.

"Can I make multiple stacks?" Sure! That's what it's good for.

"Can I still use battery-powered candles?" That is a very important question! As long as it does not fall inside to the bottom of the tower and breaks. It could work. Although, I do not know if it will hold it. You can try it if this reaches 10,000 supporters. 

"It seems a bit small of a picture. Can you large it up?" Unfortunately, no. What I did was I took off the top where there is one on each corner to stabilize the lantern above, which you would have just put it together with it. For example, I left four 8x8 blocks on the top of the 32x32 lantern. Therefore, you can connect them with the 28x28.

"Is there going to be a blueprint?" Unfortunately, no. I tried generating one but the Lego Designer could not handle it. As I mentioned above, you read that the 28x28 will be smaller than that.

"One more question: How many updates are you going to do?" As many until I get 10,000 supporters. I am planning on updating once in a while for other ways you can make the pieces. So, keep looking for that update!

"Wow! This is fantastic!"  For me, that's good to read. Support, comment, follow, and share this if you would like to see me make more crazy updates like this. (Well, I will be making updates nonetheless. He he he!)

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Worth Mentioning

Someone commented me about having a battery-powered candle inside the lantern. I forgot to put this into the description. This updated picture shows that you can put a battery-powered light candle the lantern. For example, the 32x32 lantern's 8x8 block with four 2x4 blocks (or depending on the size) show that you can put a battery powered candle. Therefore, in that matter and as long as you can keep the 8x8 block (again, depending on the size) intact, you should be able to put a battery-powered candle in. You could also use the half dome (without the 2x2 round block) to stabilize the candle.

This feature should go as low as the 12x12 lantern, if you have the right size.

  • DJD


A Personal Project

As you all know, this is my first project. A little worth mentioning is...I never shared my ideas at alI. I always kept them to myself. It has been hard for me to share ideas because I thought in a negative way. I share this as a personal project to people because I know now to stand up, take courage and "share my light" to other people who do have a common interest. I will take any comments to make my future projects better. DJD

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