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Lantern with Candle Collection


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My hobby is to collect lanterns and what better way to make my first project out of a lantern. This idea is a collection of lanterns, but in different sizes. The size starts at a 32x32 block bottom and goes down to a size of 4x4 block bottom. It was hard to figure out the three smallest sizes because the shapes of the pieces were not available.

I also took out the candle so you can see what the candle looks like from the outside. The flame is transparent red. Although, as it progresses to the smaller lanterns , the flame design will not be available in those and will be substituted by other blocks.

The top of the lantern seems it can be suspended up by a hook. However, it is not recommended due to the weight of the rest of the lantern. The glass of the lantern design is made up of transparent white blocks where you can see the candle inside of the lantern.

This collection is made up of 1230 blocks.

If you are a huge Lego fan and/or your hobby is collecting lanterns (just like me), please support and/or comment my first project.

Thank you so much for visiting my project!

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