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Jack Russell Terrier!


Since I'm little I've tried to resolve this dilemma: who is really man's best friend? Dogs... or Lego? While seeking the answer to this question I just realized that you can have both at the same time! And that's why I present to you my little mascot! A Jack Russell Terrier! Beagles are nice, and Dalmatians are classics, but Jack Russell Terriers have found a way to our heart in the recent years! This is my proposal. A fun and challenging set that tries to stick to the basic proportions of this dog race, while still retaining that same charm that characterizes every Lego piece! It will be an excelent adding to Lego Creator Series, given the fact that many animals have been done within this category as well.

So I make a call to every dog and Lego lover out there to visit my project and enjoy my creation whereupon I've put so much of my heart!

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