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Queen Wembley Stadium 1986


This is the stage scene at Wembley stadium July 12th 1986 magic tour, and I think the pinnacle moment in Queen's time, perhaps the peak of their existence. A true piece of Lego musical history.

I always loved the song under pressure, as I was a ice hockey goalie for 17 years, and learned to live under pressure. I have been working on this for some time, and just couldn't get the colors as bright as I wanted, and finally changed to the round one peg flat panels and solid colors, versus transparent colors. So as to get a brighter rendered image. From the few smokey images I could access of the stage that night, I thought it turned out decent. Imagine this set with a few lighted bricks placed strategically along the lights on the stage and back walls for example.

I also added the side piano stage, and at only 1444 pieces would not break the bank at anywhere from say 75 to 100 bucks retail perhaps. It would come with the four band members, and Freddie Mercury times three, or six total figures. 

I built this set for Freddie and Queen's memory, and it comes with Freddie Mercury times three. One in his classic yellow jacket, one in the white and red trim on the piano, and finally red cape and crown on front of stage with his hands held up in the direction of the crowd. His classic yellow figure has been posed like the lead most iconic image of Freddie from this concert, leaned back looking up at the sky, dragging one foot behind. 

I included one digi image, so you could see the faces I picked for the figures, and the front of the speakers, his cape etc., basically all the items the rendering program will not bring over, via painted faces or panels.

I created the rear of the stage as well in a concave dome fashion, so as to capture the best Lego acoustics possible.

Band members.

1. Freddie Mercury lead vocals piano.

2. Brian May lead guitar vocals.

3. Roger Taylor drums vocal.

4. John Deacon bass guitar.

Thanks as always for the view and or support and drop me a link for a build anytime.

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