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Sherlock's House


Reveal all the secrets and mysteries of the London with a set of LEGO Ideas SHERLOCK'S House.

I have built a SHERLOCK'S House from the British TV SERIES "Sherlock" because I'm a fan of this TV SERIES. Deciding to create this house, I did not delay and immediately downloaded LEGO Digital Designer and started construction. Shooting of the TV series were not in the Sherlock's house at the BAKER St 221b and on North Gower Street in the building of four storey building 187. I did not build four floors and built only 2 since the main events took place on the first and second floor. I hope the fans of the TV series and lovers of beautiful and cute houses will appreciate my creation, and will be vote for it !!!

Sherlock is the British TV Series shot by BBC Wales. The plot is based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about detective Sherlock Holmes, but the action takes place (mostly) in our day. In 2009 TV series was shown the pilot episode, and in July and August 2010 on the TV channels BBC One and BBC HD was shown three ninety-minutes episode of the first season.The second season was broadcast in January 2012, and the third in January 2014. January 8, 2014 Steven Moffat has confirmed that the extended for the series on the fourth and fifth seasons.

  Lego is the best way to be in the heart of what is happening on the TV screen.

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