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Phantasy Realms - Ambush at the Norddern (Northern) Tower


Phantasy Realms

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The story

This set would portray the ruined ancient norhtern tower. Norddern is the word used in phantasy realms to determine the north cardinal point. These tower once populated the northern realms that formed a great empire. Most of the them did not withstand the tides of time and fell to ruin.


The Story

The Paladin Order, were given lands as a reward for their services in the North by Princess Sylvia.

Under her rule the Paladins began rebuilding and populating the Norddern wastelands. But they were tricked for those lands had been abandoned for a good reason. Those were the lands of snow and ice creatures that did not look pleased uppon the breaking of ancient magical borders.

Will the Paladins survive to seek out Princess Sylvia and demans explanantions? Or will the magical snow creatures prevail leaving the Paladins to be only a footnote in Phantasy Realms history?


You choose :D



The Poll :D


This is a third approach to a new original project of mine.
Would you mind answering a few questions concerning it?

1) Overall opinion of the set?
2) Is this more oriented for boys, girls or both?
3) Would you buy it? Or it depends on other conditions - which?
4) How much would you pay for it?
5) What would you see changed in it?
6) If such changes were made would you then/still buy it even id the price tag increased?
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