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All Terrain Truck


This mix of a truck and a tank can handle any terrain with 2 sets of tracks and can still pass as a city truck with  a good amount of space in the bed of the vehicle. It also has a trailer hitch in case you are planning on hauling  something that an ordinary city car can't handle. This truck was also built easily customizable so you can change the wheels, color, you could even convert it to a completely different vehicle with little or no work at all. The truck is built with fairly common parts, which is the reason a transformation is not too hard to do.

If my project gets chosen by you, I'll bet it will be a great lego product, and if I get to 500 supporters I will build an all terrain trailer to go with it. So please check out my project and support it if you like it, and if you don't please leave a comment of how I can improve it. Thank you all for your time! and hopefully support.