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Modular System: Pirate Isle

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My idea is another modular system line, similar to the modular buildings. Based on a 32 x 32 base plate you can put islandparts together to create a big pirate isle "skyline".

I designed "the skull island smugglers cove" for an example. The whole model consists of 1006 bricks. So it's even half as big as a modular building. Probably this could be a project to fill the gap between adult lego fans (modular buildings, etc.) and young fans (standard playsets). It's not as expensive as the buildings, but with its attention to detail not too childish for young adults.

Other possible sets:

- "the shipwreck"
- "the cannibal village"
- "the castaway's hideout"
- etc.

Please support me. I have a whole lot of more ideas I will add here as soon as possible.



If you have to leave fast use the left eye. This is even the way to reach the crow's nest.


Also there are nice palms growing nearby.


Nature at its best.

Seagull's view.

Looks like a cockleshell could land at the jetty.

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