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I-7 Howlrunner


The I-7 Howlrunner was a small, fast starfighter created by Incom Corporation for the Galactic Empire.  It was made to take attention away from the fact that Incom's X-Wing designers had defected to the Rebel Alliance, taking the schematics with them.  However, due to the defection, Imperial commanders supremely disliked Incom, and so the Howlrunner was usually just shipped out to remote bases and older ships, like the Victory-class Star Destroyers.  These places liked the Howlrunner, because it was faster and more maneuverable than the TIE/LN Starfighters that comprised the rest of these bases' fleets.  The I-7 Howlrunner was armed with two laser cannons, and had only minimal shielding.  It could hold 80 kilograms of cargo, and consumables for two days. 

My Howlrunner has two laser cannons on the front, as well as two flick-missles underneath the cockpit.  It also has 3 bombs that can be dropped from an opening hatch on the underside.  To drop the bombs, pull out the pin on the left side of the Howlrunner.  The back opens up to reveal a small cargo area and the bomb storage space.  The cockpit opens to allow the Imperial Pilot to be placed in his seat, which is surrounded by consoles.  The pilot can put his gun and electrobinoculars in the storage space when he flies the Howlrunner.




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