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Sprint Car 10


This is the tenth sprint car and possibly the last. I would like to start off by saying that if any of you have any other color thoughts in mind, please put them in the comment section.

The idea behind this project is that I went to a sprint car race once, and my favorite colored car was yellow, well my brother's favorite car was the black one. So I thought I would give him this, that is if I win. These are detailed proficiently and they are sturdy. I spent a year and a half perfecting the sprint car so it looked good, and it was sturdy. Please support this sprint car and the others.

The sprint car is a fast, dirt driving race car. It can go 190 mph on the straightest part of the track, and they have 950 horsepower. That's really fast! The fins on the sprint cars actually make them go faster! This includes:

  • one black sprint car
  • one minifigure
  • opening roof
  • adjustable fin
  • opening doors
  • details
  • it is accurate

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