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War Machine Hulkbuster


When the Hulkbuster isn't enough, Tony calls in Rhodey for a bulkier, more heavily armed version, the War Machine Hulkbuster. With a Gatling gun, missles, and bigger, thicker armor, the Warmachine Hulkbuster is ready for anything the Hulk can dish out. This Lego idea is for anyone who likes Warmachine, and wants to have a new, more heavily armed version of the Hulkbuster and wants to put Hulk against a new Hulkbuster. It has missles to take down bunkers, and any thing that blocks, and a Gatling gun for long range quick fire, and both were made to take down the Hulk.

The reason for this idea is because I had 2 Lego Hulkbusters and I wanted to do something with the second. I found some extra black Lego pieces and I had a black and silver sharpie. So I did what I could, and when I finished, I decided to make more modifications, and the final project is what's in the picture.